Sunday, 5 January 2014

Weekly Round-Up for Week One ~ Including JumpStart 2014

Hi Everyone,

This week starts with my One Little Word (OLW) page. This page was inspired by Wilma's In the Mood to Scrap at TwoPeas

This is hanging in my craft space to remind me this is my goal for 2014, to finish everything that I start and hopefully to finish some of my older unfinished work as well.

The rest of the week is from my adventures with Creative JumpStart 2014 (CJS2014). There is a delay for CJS2014, they post at about midday in America, which is about 2.30 am the 'following' morning here. So I have a something waiting for me when I get up in the morning. 

Jan 2nd (1st for others) ~ was a meet and greet from Nathalie and a show and tell area for all jumpers. I got my first comment on my blog, thanks Cath Sheard. I had a great time looking at a lot of the amazing Jumpers blogs, and have already had some ideas for pages off their work. Sigh, loving CJS2014 already.

Jan 3rd ~ this was the first video of CJS2014 and I woke up to the amazingly talented Julie Fie Fan Balzer. Julie  was amazing, and very inspiring. Julie used thing she found around her house, including bubble wrap, plastic cutlery and many other things on her gelli plate to create many wonderful, crazy and beautiful prints. I was so inspired that I went and created a whole heap of prints, some of which I will use on some upcoming challenges I am doing.

I pretty much love every print. There are a couple I don't like that much I will probably print over them next time I have the gelli plate out.

Jan 4th ~ I woke up this morning to a very interesting video from Nathalie. Nathalie used a squeegee, with a few tweeks, to create some amazing textures. I haven't been able to find a squeegee like her's, but I keep an eye out for a substitute next time I'm out and about.

Jan 5th ~ this morning I woke up to Suze Weinburg. Suze created an interesting home decor piece. I must say that this kind of thing really isn't me but I thought the concept was interesting, I'm still thinking about this one and if I do make something from this I will come back and update a picture here.

I also started a class at Big Picture Classes, called Inspired Scrapbooking. It started on the 3rd (for me) and I am looking forward to sharing the pages I create from this class. For now I am thinking over what I have read and watched and 'cultivating' my ideas. I'll get back to you later in the month with, hopefully, something to show you.

See you all again soon.


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