Sunday, 16 February 2014

Weekly Round-Up for Week Seven

Hi Everyone,

This week continues into the second week of LOAD214 - Mythbusters. I am really enjoying the whole process and the daily prompts.

The prompt for Day 9 was: Let someone else take control of what you scrap today. the myth we busted was the we always need to be in control of what we scrap.

Now this isn't always easy to do, but I decided to ask Johnathon what he would like me to scrap and he replied that it needed to be about him and about how awesome he is. He chose the photo, the dies and punches he wanted me to use to create the background and the colors of the spray inks to use. Then he said the rest could be up to me, lol.

This is the end result:

To create the background I took some old book pages and die cut or punched shapes. Next I added both the die-cut/punched pages and the cut outs to the gesso-ed background with gel medium. When that was dry I scraped a layer of gesso over the top. I then added the sprays. While that was drying I chose the papers, letter stickers and thickers I wanted to use. Once the background was dry I completed the page. In the end I decided that the background needed something more, so I traced around some of the shaped to create interest.

I also spent some time playing with dolies and dyes. I wanted a black and white dolie possibly for my Day 10 prompt. When I completed that I created some turquoise one for an upcoming kit I'm getting.

I really like them all. In the end I didn't use the black and white dolie, but that's ok I'll use it at a later date :-)

The prompt for Day 10 was: Use less color, make it black and white. The myth we busted was that all our pages need to be bight and colorful.

This one had me thinking for ages and I ended up sleeping on it because I needed to work out how to 'blend' this with my style.
In the end I chose some bright photos of my ginger plant in bloom.

To create the background I glued old book paper to the top and the bottom of a gesso-ed page, I then ripped to size some patterned paper, in black and white, to go along the centre of the page. While this dried I printed and cut my photos to size and then chose my embellishments. I wanted to keep the embellishments simple on the layout, and in the end I chose a single yellow flower to highlight my yellow flowers. Once the background was dry I scraped a thin layer of gesso over the papers, allowed it to dry and then finished the page.

The prompt for Day 11 was: Start some where different, to begin scrapping from. The myth we busted was that you always have to create the same way, from the same starting place.

Once again this one got me thinking. I use so many different ways to start scrapping already I wasn't sure I could think of one. I already use: photos, papers, kits, prompts, techniques, products, sketches, videos, classes (both locally and on the Internet), mood boards, colors, magazines and books(both physical and online) and shapes. So in the end I chose something I had not used recently and that was from a magazine.

Last week I bought the new Scrapbooking Memories Vol 16 No 7. I had read it pretty much cover to cover the other night when I couldn't sleep. My plan was to flick through the magazine and the first page that caught my eye, I would scrap-lift it.

This photo caught my eye the first time through so this is the one I decided to use.

This is the end result:

To create this page I cut two patterned paper sheets down to size and stuck them together with low tack tape. I then selected 2 stencils I thought would work well together. I did the damask stencil first with gesso and then the large swirl. When they were dry I used a smallish paintbrush to 'paint' the design. While this was drying I selected the flowers for the page and the thickers for the title. I then placed the photo and the flowers. The title was places on a scrap piece of clear plastic from some packaging then glued on top of the flowers.

The prompt for Day 12 was: create your own 'stuff' for scrapbooking. The myth we busted was that that we need to buy/have all the 'new' stuff for scrapbooking.

This one took a little thinking too. I do a lot of recycling on my pages. I get a lot of 'things' from my local op-shop. Fabric, jewelry bits and pieces, and other stuff including buckles, crochet table cloths, etc. I decided to go down a slightly different track for this one as I wanted to stretch myself a little. I decided to go to my scrap box and go from there.

This was the end result:


What I ended up doing was punching some of my favorite butterflies from white cardstock and left over patterned papers. I then stitched them together to create a garland for my page. From there I completed my page.

The prompt for Day 13 was: journalling does not always require full sentences. 

This was a little bit of a no-brainer, I decided to use dot points for my journalling, the problem was choosing the photo/photos to scrap. In the end I chose some photos of my childhood holidays. There are very few photos of these holidays and I wanted to fully capture the joy of these times.

This was the end result: 

I used some leftovers from a Basic Grey page kit to create this page. Even the lined piece I wrote my journalling on is from this kit, it was the backing in the packaging for the chromed squares.

The prompt for Day 14 was:use products not specifically made for scrapbooking. The myth we busted was that you can only create with scrapbooking products.

This really was a simple one for me. I use so many things on my pages that were not designed for scrapbooking, as I mentioned earlier. I love srapbooking outside the box :-)

This was the end result: 
To create this background I used the leftover book page pieces from another page and masking tape, glued to a gesso-ed base. I then sprayed with spray inks and allowed the background to dry. While that was drying I chose the papers and Thickers to go with the photos I had chosen and cut down to size. When the background was dry I completed the page.
The prompt for Day 15 was: re-use a photo you had already used (in this LOAD, a previous LOAD or just a photo you have scrapped before. The myth we busted was that you must always scrap new, unused photos.
I chose to re-use the photo of my daughter on the swing, but in color instead of black and white, as it portrayed the essence of the story I wanted to tell better.
This was the end result: 

To create this page I used modeling paste over a stencil on a gesso-ed background. When that was dry I sprayed my palest spray along the top and let it run down the page. When that was dry I sprayed my next darkest color in a few places and let that run down the page. When that layer was dry I then added my final spray  and let it run down the page. It was a little darker than what I wanted so I soaked a little of it back up with paper towel. When that was dry I decided where I was placing my photo and then stamped in silver ink around the outside to create a mat for my photo. While this dried I added a black mat to my photo and got out my letters for my title. I then completed to page.

See you all again soon.


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