Thursday, 3 January 2013

Creativity Day Two

Today's creative inspiration comes from Creative JumpStart 2013. This is a month long inspiration fest. Famous people from the scrapbooking, mixed media and creative world come together to share some of their creative processes with everyone. I was able to access last years after it had finished and there was no way I was going to miss out this year. It is run by a wonderful lady called Nathalie Kalbach through her Studio *n.

As this is coming from overseas each day is received here in Australia in the afternoon, so their 1st JumpStart will be my January 2nd, post and so forth. When JumpStart is finished it will be available to everyone on her website:

So today is Day One and is bought to us by Nathalie herself. It is such a simple idea it made me want to smack myself in the forehead and go doh. She showed us how to create our own tape using double-sided tape and embossing powders. I could only find one embossing power here at the moment, so I pulled it out and created some simple tape and created a tag with it. I am very happy with the result.

I show the process with a series of photos but basically you lay down the double sided tape on your non stick mat, take sections of the tape off and rub embossing powered into the exposed tape. Continue the process until all the tape is covered. You then heat the embossing powder as normal. The tape is now ready for you to use as you choose.

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